Paw Paw's Kennels


Pack of 2005     


    This is my attempt to bring Paw Paw's Kennels back to the net.  I am known to many as caincutter and proud owner of some very fine Lemon and White Beagles.  I make my home in South Mississippi where I am living my retirement years raising, training and hunting over my pack of hard runing bunny chasers.

Being a Paw Paw is about the best thing there is, the only problem being that you have to be an old man to earn that special title.  On this site I hope to share my love and enthusiasm for the sport of rabbit hunting and will with out doubt expose everyone that comes here to a special relationship between my sweet granddaughters and the old man they call Paw Paw.  You will soon find that I do love lemon and white hounds but I like all beagles as long as they can push a bunny, don’t run trash and they are lemon and white. 


            Paw Paw and Rabbit Hunter Ex-Straw-D-Nair
      Saucier in South Mississippi – 10 miles from feet wet.



 27 August 1948
Huntsville Texas

Until age 12 I lived all over south Texas as we moved from place to place with my dad who was an oil field worker.

In 1960 my family moved to North Mississippi where we took the wheels off our home and finally put down some roots.

In 1967 I graduated from South Panola High School in Batesville Mississippi.

Later that year I enlisted in the USAF.
In 1969 I married my child hood sweetheart. 
After more than 40 years, we now have three children and two granddaughters.

I served in the Air Force for 25 years.  My assignments included stateside bases in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Michigan and Mississippi.   Overseas assignments were in Viet Nam, England and Germany.
I retired from the Air Force in 1992 and then spent a number of years working for a computer software company.

I am now retired and devote all my time to hunting, fishing and to my family.  I take great pride in my pack of bunny chasers and considers myself to be a devoted keeper of the hounds.  My retirement years have been filled with activity surrounding my pack of hounds and watching my granddaughters grow. 

I have been called many things, Harvey, airman, sergeant, chief, dad and others.  However, I am most proud to be called Paw Pa.  I do so enjoy time spent with  Lacey who is now thirteen years old and Hannah who is just four years old.

I have been told, "If you wish to remain young, stay around the young ones". "If you want to grow old, try and keep up with them".

          I                             Lacey & Hannah



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